Metabolic Circuit

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Metabolic Circuit

Here is a workout Rene did, who trains with me three times a week.

It’s a metabolic circuit where five exercises are done in a row with 30 seconds rest between exercises and then 90 seconds of rest between rounds. He did five rounds.

After that, he did three rounds on the Ski Erg for 20 seconds and then rested for 60 seconds between rounds. We measured watts to see how much power he could generate, and then see if he was able to maintain that power for three rounds.

If your goal is to lower body fat nothing is more important than a clean diet and getting great quality sleep, but these types of workouts can really help to speed up the process compared to other types of workouts. I also like this type of workout for developing a better aerobic system concurrently with the anaerobic lactic capacity system.

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