Private Training Environment

Because USI functions in a private training environment, there are things we can do here you simply cannot do at a membership based gym. You will never run into equipment being unavailable or people in your way. This allows us to train you the best ways needed based off your goals. We can manage how long of a rest you get between exercises, combine circuits if necessary, and utilize the best training equipment to give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Personalized Training Program

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After your initial assessment, we begin building your tailored program. Based on your assessment as well as your  goals and objectives, we utilize the appropriate training methods that are aligned with your needs. We’ll meet you at your starting point and work with you on a program built just for you. This is essentially how we craft your plan to get you in the best shape of your life.

Planning your Goals

At Urban Strength Institute we customize a training program so that you continue to see improvement from month to month. Once you’ve adapted to a program we know what you need to do next for continuous progress. Many places have no set plan and just provide you with a “workout of the day”. At USI we believe in a plan. We do this by actually having one written out. The dullest of ink is better than the best of memories. We believe in the kaizen principle; what gets measured gets improved.

Nutritional Guidance

Unless you are a genetic lottery ticket winner, there is no training program that will deliver the results you seek if nutrition is overlooked. At USI we strongly support your nutritional needs by providing detailed guidance regarding what you need to change to get the results you came here for.

Your personal trainer should really be your coach

We like to start by giving you food logs that see what your current habits are. From there we can start to make changes that have a low failure rate because they’re easy to apply. We establish a plan so you know what you should eat or not eat and give you guidance on any lifestyle changes that are necessary in order to accomplish your goals. Most importantly we help you keep those results you’re looking for.

USI Food Log Sample

Pre, Intra, and Post Workout Nutrition

At USI, your training is more than just your workout. Our trainers will guide you on the best ways to maximize your progress outside of the gym, including workout nutrition to get you through tough/effective training.

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Would you use the same gas in a ferrari as you would in a lawnmower? Of course not. You would use only high-performance gas for a high-performance car. The same should be said about your body. At USI, we provide you with a post-workout shake to get you out of the catabolic environment your challenging workouts can put you in, and get you recovered fast; so progress is fast. Your post-workout shake is matched to your training objectives. Just a few of the types of shakes we offer include:

  • Detox
  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Building

Results Aren’t Guaranteed, They are Earned

HARD WORK. The two most important words when it comes to getting results. At USI we believe in the Kaizen principle… constant and never-ending improvement.
We select the exercises that give you “the biggest bang for your buck” and utilize the right training methods that are aligned with your goals.  Chris Grayson, Chicago personal trainer, is backed by 15 years of real world results and ready to help you.

Meet the Coach

Ever since the age of 14 when I was first introduced to weight lifting I’ve had a strong love for it.
After high school I enlisted in Marine Corps and that love grew even more. As soon as I got out of the Marines in 1998 I got a job at a gym I was working out at to pursue personal training. I knew I loved training but didn’t really know it would become an obsession and my long time career. Since 1999 I’ve had up to four personal training certificates and I can say that most weren’t worth the paper they were printed on. What makes someone good at this is years of countless hours studying and applying what they’ve learned. Over my 15 years in this industry I’ve spent thousands of dollars on seminars, books, internships, and consultations with some of the best in the industry in order to become the best I could in the field that I love.

But enough about me. What matters is you, so you should be asking yourself “what’s in it for me”?

Results are what Matter

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Common Questions

How much does it cost to train at USI?

The cost is determined by how many times a week you train (2, 3, or 4 times) and ranges from $350 – $550 per month.

What is the design of your programs?

In short, we train you according to what your actual goals are and what you’re qualified to do. We ARE NOT a bootcamp. We DO NOT train everyone the same. For more detailed info, go to the WHAT WE DO page, or contact us at 312.725.4874.

How long are the workouts?

Depending on what your goals are, training takes roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Is there anything I need to bring?

Just clothing that you’ll be comfortable training in, and water if you’d like.

Can I train at any time?

We are by appointment only.

If I have/had a serious injury or limitation am I still a good fit for USI?

That depends on the severity of the injury and what you injured. We’ve been rehabbing people for years, but calling us to get more information from you would be wise. 312-725-4874.

I’d like to learn more about your gym?

No problem. You can download our free ebook above that provides a ton of info on what we do, or just give us a call at 312.725.4874.

What’s the coaches availability?

We typically work from 6AM to 8PM Monday thru Friday, and 7AM to 12PM on Saturday (closed Sunday). We are by appointment only. It’s best to set up an appointment on our pop-up schedule. If you don’t see that, call us for up to date info regarding availability (312.725.4874).

Contact Us

Have a question about training, nutrition, supplementation, or anything relevant to Urban Strength Institute? Shoot, and we’ll get right back to you. • 312-725-4874

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